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Christopher Gibbons
Genre: Music
Region: Occidental
Division: English Ren. & Bar.
Date of birth: 1615
Place of birth:
Date of death: 1676-10-20
Place of death:

Order Class Rayner/Caldwell Work Modo-tonality
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK 01 A voluntary for ye duble organ
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK 01a Alternate ending
Gibbons, C. Verse CEK 02 Verse for the double organ
Gibbons, C. Verse CEK 02a Alternate ending
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK 03 [Organ voluntary]
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK 04 Voluntarie
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK 05 [Voluntarie] In A A
Gibbons, C. Verse CEK 06 Verse for ye Single Organ
Gibbons, C. Verse CEK 07 A Verse for the Organ
Gibbons, C. Corrente CEK 08 [Corrente]
Gibbons, C. Sarabande CEK 09 [Sarabande]
Gibbons, C. Voluntary CEK Anh [Voluntary]

  1. ^
    Clare G. Rayner
    John Caldwell
    Title: Christopher Gibbons: Keyboard Compositons
    Journal: Corpus of Early Keyboard Music
    Volume: 18
    Editor: American Institute of Musicology
    Place: Roma
    Year: 1989

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