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Lute Books
Genre: Music
Region: Occidental
Division: English Ren. & Bar.

Order Class Opus Work Modo-tonality
Anonymus Willoughby LB 001 E Lume Alta Galliard
Anonymus Willoughby LB 002 A New Almaine
Anonymus Willoughby LB 003 Hall's Galliard
Anonymus Willoughby LB 004 Nusquam Galliard
Anonymus Willoughby LB 005 Quadro Pavan
Anonymus Willoughby LB 006 Quadron Pavan
Anonymus Willoughby LB 007 Quadro Pavan
Anonymus Willoughby LB 008 Green's Alman
Brewster Willoughby LB 009a Pavan by Brewster
Brewster Dallis LB 009b Pavan by Brewster [second setting]
Moone Archimedes LB 010 Pavan by Thomas Moone
Anonymus Marsh LB 011 Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 012 Rogero
Anonymus Marsh LB 013 Almaine
Anonymus Marsh LB 014 Downright Squire
Anonymus Marsh LB 015 Sellenger's Round
Anonymus Marsh LB 016 Pepper is Black
Anonymus Marsh LB 017 Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 018 The Queen of Scots Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 019 Labandalashot Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 020 Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 021 Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 022 Lusty Gallant
Anonymus Marsh LB 023 A Fancy
Anonymus Marsh LB 024 Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 025 Sinkapace Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 026 Quadro Pavan
Anonymus Marsh LB 027 Fantasia
Anonymus Marsh LB 028 Fancy
Anonymus Marsh LB 029 Packington's Galliard
Anonymus Marsh LB 030 [Untitled]
Cotton Marsh LB 031 Good Night and Good Rest
Anonymus Marsh LB 032 Fantasia Fernyers
Anonymus Marsh LB 033 To Westminster
Anonymus Marsh LB 034 Bergamasca
van Wilder, P. Marsh LB 035 Dump by Phillip van Wilder
Anonymus Wickhambrook LB 036 Pavan
Anonymus Wickhambrook LB 037 The Spanish Pavan
Anonymus Wickhambrook LB 038 My Lord Strange His Galiarde
Anonymus Sampson LB 039 Wilson's Wild
Anonymus Sampson LB 040 Heaven and Earth
Anonymus Ballet LB 041 The Horne Pipe
Anonymus Ballet LB 042 Lost is my liberty
Anonymus Mynshall LB 043 Mrs. Jane Leighton's Choice
Anonymus Mynshall LB 044 Allman
Anonymus Mynshall LB 045 The Galliard to the Quadron Pavan
Anonymus Mynshall LB 046 In Crete When Daedalus First Began
Anonymus Mynshall LB 047 The Passingmeasures Galliard
Anonymus Mynshall LB 048 Monsieurs Almaine
Taverner Mynshall LB 049 Taverner's In nomine
Lusher Mynshall LB 050 Almaine Mr. Lusher
Anonymus Hirsch LB 051 Galliard
Anonymus Hirsch LB 052 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 053 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 054 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 055 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 056 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 057 Fantasia
Anonymus Hirsch LB 058 Fantasia
Anonymus Pickering LB 059 Bara Faustus' Dream
Anonymus Pickering LB 060 The Friar and the Nun
Anonymus Pickering LB 061 Up Tails All
Anonymus Pickering LB 062 The Maids in Constrite
Anonymus Pickering LB 063 Chow Bente
Anonymus Pickering LB 064 Pavan
Anonymus Pickering LB 065 A Toy
Anonymus Pickering LB 066 A Toy
Anonymus Pickering LB 067 [Untitled]
Anonymus Pickering LB 068 [Untitled]
Anonymus Pickering LB 069 [Untitled]
Anonymus Pickering LB 070 What if a Day
Anonymus Pickering LB 071 God Be With the Franks
Anonymus Welde LB 072 Watkin's Ale
Anonymus Trumbull LB 073 Now to bed
Knowles Trumbull LB 074 Knowles Galliard
Cooper Königsberg LB 075 Jig of Cooper
Anonymus Königsberg LB 076 Elizabeth Jones Galliard
Anonymus Cosens LB 077 Preludium
Anonymus Cosens LB 078 Walsingham
Anonymus Cosens LB 079 Fantasia
Anonymus Cosens LB 080 Preludium
Anonymus Cosens LB 081 Preludium
Anonymus Cosens LB 082 Preludium
Anonymus Cosens LB 083 Preludium
Anonymus Cosens LB 084 [Untitled]
Anonymus Cosens LB 085 My Lady North's Galliard
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 086 Fantasia
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 087 Ung jour passe
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 088 [Untitled]
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 089 Galliard
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 090 Catins
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 091 Ma Poure Bourse
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 092 Pavan
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 093 Au joly bois
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 094 Buggle borne
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 095 Fantasia
Anonymus CUL Dd.2.11 LB 096 Galliard
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 097 Branle
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 098 Daniell's Jig
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 099 Galliard
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 100 Jewel
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 101 Jig
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 102 A Jig
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 103 Almaine
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 104 [Untitled]
Ascue CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 105 Jig by Robert Askue
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 106 The Sick Tune
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 107 Galliard
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 108 Pavan N
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 109 Pavan
Anonymus CUL Dd.5.78.3 LB 110 A Jig
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 111 Walsingham
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 112 A Jig
Bulman CUL Dd.9.33 LB 113 Pavan by Mr Bulman
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 114 Only joy
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 115 Susanna Jig
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 116 Whip of Dunbain
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 117 Volt
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 118 Jiggy Joggy
Mason CUL Dd.9.33 LB 119 Courante Mr Mathias
Anonymus CUL Dd.9.33 LB 120 Lord Zouch's Mask
Anonymus CTL O.16.2 LB 121 A French Dance
Anonymus CTL O.16.3 LB 122 A Mask
Anonymus CTL O.16.4 LB 123 Courante
Anonymus M.L. LB 124 The Cobbler
Anonymus M.L. LB 125 Mall Simmes
Anonymus M.L. LB 126 The French Tune
Anonymus M.L. LB 127 The Flying Horse
Anonymus M.L. LB 128 A Galliard
Lupo, A. Board LB 129 Ambrose Pavan
Lupo, A. Board LB 130 Ambrose Galliard
Anonymus Board LB 131 My Lord Bourrowes Galliard
Anonymus Board LB 132 Courante
Anonymus Board LB 133 Courante
Anonymus Board LB 134 Courante
Anonymus Board LB 135 A Dream
Anonymus Board LB 136 The French King's Maske
Anonymus Board LB 137 Joan to the Maypole
Anonymus Board LB 138 Lavolta
Anonymus Board LB 139 Light of Love
Anonymus Board LB 140 A Pavan
Anonymus Board LB 141 Sellenger's Round
Anonymus Board LB 142 The Prince of Portugal his Galliard
Anonymus Board LB 143 The Scolding Woman
Anonymus Board LB 144 I Cannot Keep My Wife at Home
Anonymus Board LB 145 Poor Tom
Anonymus Board LB 146 The Gillyflower
Anonymus Board LB 147 The Gathering of Pescodes
Anonymus Board LB 148 Loth to Depart

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