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Robert Dowland
Genre: Music
Region: Occidental
Division: English Ren. & Bar.
Date of birth: 1590
Place of birth: London [GB]
Date of death: 1656
Place of death: London [GB]

Order Class KF-Archive Work Modo-tonality
Cato Fantasies KF 01 Fantasy by Diomedes of Venice
Laurencinus Fantasies KF 02 Fantasy by The Knight of the Lute
Reys Fantasies KF 03 Fantasy by Jacobus Reis of Augusta
Laurencinus Fantasies KF 04 Fantasy by Laurencini of Rome
Ferrabosco Fantasies KF 05 Fantasy by Alfonso Ferrabosco of Bologna
Huwet Fantasies KF 06 Fantasy by Gregorio Huwet of Antwerp
Dowland, J. Fantasies KF 07 Fantasy by John Dowland, Batchelar of Musicke
Mauritius Pavins KF 08 Pavin by Prince Mauritius, Landgrave of Hessen
Holborne Pavins KF 09 Pavin by Anthony Holborne
Morley Pavins KF 10 Pavin by Thomas Morley Batcheler of Musicke
Dowland, R. Banquet Farre from triumphing Court G
Dowland, R. Banquet Lady if you so spight me c
Dowland, R. Banquet In darknesse let me dwell a
Bacheler Pavins KF 11 Pavin by Daniel Batchelar
Dowland, J. Pavins KF 12 Sir John Langton's Pavin by John Dowland
Ferrabosco Pavins KF 13 Pavin by Alfonso Ferrabosco of Bologna
Dowland, R. Pavins KF 14 Pavin by Robert Dowland
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 15 The King of Denmark's Galliard by John Dowland (P. 40)
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 16 Queen Elizabeth's Galliard by John Dowland (P. 41)
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 17 The Earl of Essex's Galliard by John Dowland (P. 42)
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 18 The Earl of Derby's Galliard by John Dowland (P. 44)
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 19 Lady Rich's Galliard by John Dowland (P. 43)
Dowland, R. Galliards KF 20 Lady Clifton's Spirit by Robert Dowland (P. 45)
Dowland, J. Galliards KF 21 Sir Thomas Monson's Galliard
Bacheler Almaines KF 22 Mounsieur's Almaine by Daniel Batchelar
Dowland, R. Almaines KF 23 Sir Henry Guildford's Almaine
Dowland, R. Almaines KF 24 The First of the Queen's Masks
Dowland, R. Almaines KF 25 The Second of the Queen's Masks
Dowland, R. Almaines KF 26 The Last of the Queen's Masks
Dowland, R. Almaines KF 27 The Witches' Dance in the Queen's Masks
John Smith Almaines KF 28 Sir John Smith's Almaine (P.47)
Ballard Corantoes KF 29 Mounsieur Ballard's Corranto
Perrichon Corantoes KF 30 John Perrichon's Corranto
Dowland, R. Corantoes KF 31 Coranto
Saman Corantoes KF 32 Mounsieur Saman's Coranto
Saman Corantoes KF 33 Mounsieur Saman
Mason Corantoes KF 34 Coranto
Saman Corantoes KF 35 Coranto
Dowland, R. Volts KF 36 Volt
Ballard Volts KF 37 Volt
Gaultier, D. Volts KF 38 Volt
Gaultier, D. Volts KF 39 Volt
Dowland, R. Volts KF 40 Volt
Perrichon Volts KF 41 Volt
Dowland, R. Volts KF 42 Volt

  1. ^
    Robert Dowland
    Title: A Varietie of Lute Lessons
    Editor: Thomas Adams
    Place: London
    Year: 1610

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