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Label: Radio Corporation of America (RCA) [US]
Matrix: F2RP-1293/94
Inventory: LM-1892
Title: Chopin: Waltzes (Complete)
Author: Casimir Wierzynski
Format: 33⅓rpm 12" Mono
Contributor: Claude Villemure
Acquisition: 2013-04-17
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Track Order Class Number Work Movement Interpreter

A01ChopinPianoOpus 18Valse 01 Es-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A02ChopinPianoOpus 34/01Valse 02 As-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A03ChopinPianoOpus 34/02Valse 03 a-mollArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A04ChopinPianoOpus 34/03Valse 04 F-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A05ChopinPianoOpus 42Valse 05 As-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A06ChopinPianoOpus 64/01Valse 06 Des-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
A07ChopinPianoOpus 64/02Valse 07 cis-mollArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B01ChopinPianoOpus 64/03Valse 08 As-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B02ChopinPianoOpus 69/01Valse 09 As-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B03ChopinPianoOpus 69/02Valse 10 h-mollArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B04ChopinPianoOpus 70/01Valse 11 Ges-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B05ChopinPianoOpus 70/02Valse 12 As-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B06ChopinPianoOpus 70/03Valse 13 Des-DurArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 
B07ChopinPianoOpus P 1/15Valse e-mollArthur Rubinstein [pf]
 mp3 DSD 

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