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Ruth Slenczynska
Genre: Music
Region: Occidental
Division: Pianist
Date of birth: 1925-01-15
Place of birth: Sacramento, California [US]
Date of death:
Place of death:

Sound Sources
Label Inventory Track Order Class Number Work Movement Date Format  
Decca DL-9961 B02 Chopin Piano Opus 54 Scherzo 03 E-Dur
  1957-07 33⅓rpm
Decca DL-9961 A02 Chopin Piano Opus 31 Scherzo 01 b-moll
  1957-07 33⅓rpm
Decca DL-9961 B01 Chopin Piano Opus 39 Scherzo 02 cis-moll
  1957-07 33⅓rpm
Decca DL-9961 A01 Chopin Piano Opus 20 Scherzo h-moll
  1957-07 33⅓rpm

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